Cluster lashes are phenomenal! You can Create Lash technician quality looks at home with beautiful, fluffy cluster lashes. Yes, individual lash extensions are cool but who wants to sit for three hours to get their lashes done. Let’s talk about returning to the salon every time they fall off. This gets so annoying sometimes. Not to mention your natural lashes often fall out due to the weight of the individual lashes that are applied.

However, Cluster lashes are a game changer. Fun Fact here is that lashes are 10x easier when applied in clusters and just anyone can do these at home. They are applied to your lash line but look as though they’ve been applied in the same way as individuals. You will never have to wear individuals again after I show you how easy it is to apply these clusters. They are the perfect alternative to individuals!


Before you do this, you’d need selected cluster lashes,  a very good eyelash glue or bond, tweezers and a sealant bond. Bliss Box Lashes has a complete kit with mixed lengths and two lash application types.
DIY Lash Extension Box


1. Make sure your lashes are clean and oil-free. Apply the Bond mascara to your own clean and dry lashes first. Apply from the bottom of your lashes, upwards, as you would normally with mascara. Apply the Bond mascara underneath and not on top of your lashes.

2. Decide how you will apply your Bliss lashes to your natural lashes.

Here are some chic application styles you can choose:

 Natural Eye: To achieve a natural eyelash look apply middle and longer lengths to the center of your lash line. Use the smaller lengths on either side of the longer lengths (inner and outer corners)

 Cat Eye: If you’re a fan of the winged eyeliner look or cat eye, apply the longer lengths to the outer corners of your lash line and use the shorter lengths along the center of your lash and your inner corners

 Fluffy Eye: This look requires varying lengths to create a more graduated look. Use longer lengths on the outer and inner corners and in the center. Use smaller length lashes in between to create a wispy, fluffy lash look

To remove your cluster lashes just apply our remover mascara directly to the lashes and gently peel off after a minute. 
diy lash extension box

 We used Bliss Box Lashes to achieve this look. This kit comes complete with its own Bond Mascara and Sealant. These Segmented Lashes are vegan and cruelty-free! You can perfectly replicate salon lash extensions in under 5 minutes at home and wear them for days at a time! No more rushing back to the Lash Tech because a cluster fell out or your lashes have lost their thickness!

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